Best Drones 2017

What are the Best Drones?

This is the question that everyone wants to know!
Drone technology is constantly changing so it’s really important to look at the best drones of 2017.

Best Drones for Kids
When you are looking at buying a drone for a kid (or even starting out yourself) you want to look for these things:
1. No camera – you want less stuff to break!
2. Very durable – it’s going to get crashed.
3. Very light – so there is less mass to break and you don’t have to register with the FAA.
The top pick here is the Dromida Ominus. It definitely checks all of the boxes above, but also it has plenty of parts available and flies really nice. It is a little on the bigger side, but that’s actually nice when you are trying to learn and see what the different inputs do.