Emax BabyHawk Review – Brushless Frenzy!

The Emax BabyHawk is equipped with a custom all-in-one camera and VTX femto f3, easily-replaceable solderless connected 6A BLHeli 2s-4s capable ESCs, and 1104 5000kv motors. With Motor Guards equals to approx. 68 grams. Babyhawk with 2S 300mah lipo without motor guards equals less than 86 grams.
However this Emax Babyhawk review has very little to do with specs. I want to purely focus on the experience, the ease of use and the amount of fun to fly!

$99 – Starts Shipping In March!

Emax BabyHawk Review

The main concern with brushless micro quads is lack of power. Brushed micro quads have been so popular so long because you don’t have to worry about the thrust/weight ratio. With a brushless quad you have considerably heavier motors, the addition of ESCs, larger areas needed to mount the motors because the mass is increased.
So the quad is guaranteed to get heavier… so does brushless compensate with enough power? The answer in the case of the Baby Hawk is YES! The BabyHawk manages to stay very lean at 86grams battery included. It hovers at a little over 1/3rd throttle which with a quad of this size is right where you want to be.


RTF (Ready-to-Fly) Combo INCLUDES:

-EMAX All-in-One Camera and VTX 25MW CMOS
-EMAX Femto F3 FlightController/PDB board with built-in 5v 3A regulator with LC Filter
-EMAX Bullet 6A BLHeli 2S-4S Plug-In ESCs
-EMAX 1104 5000kv Brushless Motor
-EMAX 2.3″ Propellers
-EMAX 85mm Molded PC Plastic Body/Frame
-EMAX 85mm Molded PC Plastic Motor Guards
-EMAX Radio Receiver (Protocols tbd)
-EMAX Radio Transmitter (Protocols tbd)
-EMAX FPV Receiver/Goggles

emax babyhawk review
Durability wise – the frame seems to hold up well. Although it runs at a decent speed, it’s not something most people are going to be completely smashing and bashing. Emax and Emax distributers tend to be pretty good about supplying replacement parts so you can take comfort that you will probably be able to repair on your own pretty easily.

This quad is what it’s cracked up to be!

The micro brushless hype has been pretty crazy in the beginning of 2017, but the Emax BabyHawk seems to live up to the hype by executing fairly well on a simple concept. Smallest quad possible with high performance brushless motors. At $99 (same price as the absurdly popular Inductrix FPV) it’s a pretty low risk gamble. If you pick one up, ENJOY!