Furious FPV Moskito Review – 2017

The Tiny Whoop Killer is here! Okay, now the sensationalism is over. 😉
Let’s get into this quick Furious FPV Moskito review. This 70mm (diagonally, motor from motor) quad is riding the wave of the cutting edge new category of drones… brushless micros! Brushed micros have been around for a long time. This includes the popular Blade Inductrix, Dromida Ominus, Hubsan X4 and oh so many more.



The main issue with these brushed micro quads is that the motors simply don’t last. They break easy, they wear out easy and generally you need to have lots of spare motors laying around if you plan to fly often. Brushless motor technology is finally reaching a combination of light enough, durable enough and power enough to make for an incredible flying experience and Furious FPV is one of the first companies to pull it off.

Flying Characteristics 
I think this is pretty obvious, but this thing is fast. It seems to be about twice as fast as your average Tiny Whoop set up. It handles like it’s a much bigger quad then what it actually is, you have to really stay on the sticks as compared to a Inductrix where you are really pushing it around pretty hard.

Build Construction
This appears to be a really high quality build using all custom Furious FPV parts. The 7 amp ESCs are hidden in the “feet” of the quad which gives it a nice slim/ fast appearance. It’s made out of a combination of carbon fiber and plastic.


Crash Test
While it is very sturdy, this is not a basher quad. I like Inductrix’s because you can bump into things and generally bumble your way around without damaging anything. This quad will damage things in your house if you are crashing around and the quad itself will likely become damaged.
Notable competition for this product is the Emax Babyhawk. It’s release date is set for sometime in March and it is rumored to be less than half the price of the Moskito.