Vortex 150 Review | 2017

The Vortex 150 is the latest quadcopter from the guys at Immersion RC. I have not seen a Vortex 150 review yet so I wanted to give a hands on overview. Coming off the incredible success of the Vortex 250 Pro and the Vortex 285 preceding that, there are high expectations for this smaller class ready to fly racer. It has also be called the Blade Vortex 150 so it is some sort of collaboration with Horizon Hobby, although it could be more of a distribution move and less of a design collaboration.

vortex 150 review
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The first thing to note about about the Vortex is the size. It is much smaller then it even appears in the promotional renderings. It feels solid, a bit heavy even for the size but at 194 grams is well within reason. The quad comes completely assembled much like it’s Vortex predecessors. It does require a receiver and a 800 mah 4 cell.


  • Overall it is very serviceable should you need to replace or upgrade motors/ESCs
  • It comes completely assembled! Add a battery and your own receiver and you are ready to fly.
  • Fully graphical onscreen display so you can see everything you are doing in your goggles. 
  • Small form factor makes substantial damage nearly impossible in a crash.  
  • It essentially flies like a much larger 5 in quad with all the benefits of a smaller, lighter frame

If you are beginner and this is your first “race” quadcopter it would definitely be wise to start with a 3 cell battery. It’s a much more relaxed flyer and much more docile at that speed.

vortex 150 review

Advertised features:

  • Fully assembled and ready-to-race
  • ImmersionRC F3 Fusion 32-bit flight control system
  • Durable airframe with 4mm carbon-fiber motor arms
  • Future-proof BetaFlight flight controller firmware (pre-loaded)
  • ProTune capability with built-in 2MB black-box recorder
  • Full graphic heads-up display with complete on-screen control and telemetry
  • Eight 24-bit RGB LEDs and super-loud lost model alarm (installed)
  • Integrated 40-channel NexWaveRF 5.8GHz video Tx with Dynamic Power Control
  • FatShark 700TVL CMOS v2 FlightCam with tilt adjustment

Crash Test
Crashing several times, it really handles the impacts well. Obviously with considerably less mass there is just less opportunity for something to break. The antenna placement (in the back) looks a little less then ideal for a “cartwheel” crash but time will tell. ~5 crashes of various speeds and impact material resulted in one broken prop.

What Do I Need To Fly?

“Ready to fly” always seems to come with a catch. This platform is technically not ready to fly.
This is what else you will need to get it up in the air:

1. Transmitter 
Spektrum DX6e
2. Receiver 
Spektrum DSMX Quad Receiver 
3. Battery (Try 4 Cell for Insanity!)
Venom 3S 850 mAh (2)
4. FPV Goggles
Fat Shark Transformers

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